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Rapid Career Dev 2022

What;          Guaranteed to …

  • Quickly and objectively assess your career skills and abilities against other professionals globally.
  • Gain deeper insight and surety into what you bring to any career or role.
  • Help you appreciate why things aren’t working out currently as you believe they should. And what you can practically do about it immediately.
  • Understand the ideal environment needed so you can perform at your best. And be able to find it within 90 days
  • Gain insight into what it is you’re truly capable of in the future. And we have the case studies to say it’s always right.
  • Help you be 100 % SURE before you take action



Who;           Ideally suited if you are …

  • Starting out to identify real career options
  • Seeking to be surer about what you bring to a future (or current) role
  • Seeking quick, but accurate, insights and answers
  • Looking to make a step up the career ladder
  • Looking for your optimum career direction.
  • Seeking to understand your ideal approach to challenges in the workplace.
  • Wanting to “bounce back better” after redundancy or a pandemic
  • Wanting to be 100% sure before committing to a preferred career direction.




Why;            Benefits to you …

  • Examines the elements of excellent performance. You increase awareness.
  • You become surer of what you bring to a role. Assuredness and assertiveness increase immediately.
  • Exposes you to real objective insights that allow you to understand how to capitalise on your current situation. You understand at a deeper level.
  • Gives you direction in terms of future career options. You have choices.
  • As you commit to a career direction, You can be 100% sure



How;           Structure and content of the process  …

  • It allows you to comprehensively and objectively understand your personal strengths in any life or business context.
  • Recommends a comprehensive set of sectors and roles where you would excel.
  • It allows you to understand the ideal work environment for you.
  • Generates unique differentiators into your CV and career path.
  • It allows you to appreciate the best possible directions or functional roles.
  • The conversation significantly contributes to any preparation for an upcoming interview.
  • Will undoubtedly nerd career she had never thought about.
  • We help you appreciate practical courses that will contribute to the journey.
  • Looks at financial, life planning and personal circumstances In a practical way that reflects your reality
  • You get a detailed summary of the insights gained in report format
  • There is pre-work, a @ 90-minute coaching session with Amaze online, and a follow-up telephone session two weeks later.




Cost;               Is your investment worth it?…

The greatest cost will be in terms of your own time, questioning, challenging, contemplation and commitment to using the insights gained to the fullest.

And there may be an even bigger price … if you do nothing.


We have over 400 cases studies that support the claim that you get real answers …. as though you were looking into a crystal ball. 

The cost to cover the use of the pre-test tool to ensure 100% validation, the initial consultation over the phone, 90-minute online session, a detailed personalized report, a comprehensive overview of careers where you would excel and a follow-up telephone call two weeks later to validate ………….. all this for only €595





Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new end.” —          Carl Bard

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Handling Complaints

[box type=”shadow”] Handling complaints successfully Every time. If you are like most of the sales professionals I work with every day, you have had lots of experience in handling complaints. Chances are you have a natural ability to calm people down and things always work out for the best. Alternatively, you are one of those […]

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Selling Under Pressure

[box type=”shadow”] Selling under pressure Em! An interesting statement in itself. If you are like me, pressure is an integral part of being a sales professional. You use it to motivate yourself, it gives you a buzz, you cope with it well and no other person in your company has the same pressures to deal […]

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Who gives a damn if you develop your potential?

Develop your potential or make a career move!  So how can the ‘care’ of another help you in either of these areas. You may have thought from the title that I was about to launch on a ‘rant’ of some sort. Rather, I was encouraging you to bring to mind those people in your life […]

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Can everyone develop his or her potential?

  Can everyone develop his or her potential? When I talk to people about the concept of ‘development of potential’, a question that seems to arise often is whether everyone can develop their potential. It always amuses me that some people assume that they have less capability or right to expect to amaze themselves.

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Sales Weaknesses

[box type=”shadow”] If you are one of the 78% of the business leaders with whom  I have spoken to in 2005, the single biggest challenge you are facing is finding and recruiting excellent sales people. Inwardly you are exasperated. You took a lot of time, spent a lot of money and invested a lot of […]

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Sales and Business Coaching

Performance Lotto. Thoughts on creating a high-performance environment; if you don’t want to leave it to chance. How many of you have ever watched the Simpson’s on TV?  Love them or hate them, I fell off the chair laughing when Homer gave this piece of advice to Bart “If you really want something in this […]

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Top 10 reasons to work with a ‘DoPE’

[box type=”shadow”] Top 10 reasons to hire a Development of Potential Expert You cannot solve today’s issues with yesterday’s strategies. An experienced Development of Potential Expert (DoPE) helps you develop the capacity to handle the increased complexity of your situation. Consider the following… Results Time Awareness Priorities Balance Communication Options Emotional Intelligence Control Clarity Results […]

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