Psychometrics in Business

Psychometrics in Business

Customer Testimonial:

“Insurance is our business. So any valid information, that could objectively provide us with information that became our ‘insurance policy’ when we were making important staff appointments was really welcome. Anne Marie was appointed as a result of the process and has turned out to be our most effective colleague recruited”

People; an inside job?

  • Looking for objective information to support a business decision?
  • Need more accurate information to deliver better business results?
  • Do you need real answers in a hurry?
  • Do you want to be sure you identify the right mix of skills and competencies?
  • Do you need to communicate at a higher level with peers, staff, managers or clients?
  • Are you looking to build the strongest team possible?
  • Wondering if a staff member is naturally suited to the task?
  • Do you need to remove the guesswork?

Then you should consider using psychometric profiling. Contact Amaze™ now to find out how we have already delivered results through these tools in environments similar to your own.

Amaze™ is qualified to conduct psychometric testing as an objective tool in determining individual behavioural profiles. What makes Amaze unique is our ability to capitalise on the data to support business decisions through our structured feedback sessions. We have been doing this for 16 years. Now that’s experience.

There are a number of primary measuring systems available, among them the DISC model & the Emotional Quotient Indicator (EQi).

Do they work?

Amaze™ have been astounded at the accuracy and insight possible into people within a short space of time through these validated tools. We claim they are the only tools of their type to cater for the countless variations within given behavioural groupings and which has been updated to accurately predict profiles associated with European business executives of the 21st century.

DISC and EQ1 are the universal language of behavior, Emotional intelligence, pre-disposition, and emotions. They help us understand “how we act” at a deeper level. They have a predicted accuracy of > 98% and completion of the online questionnaires are through our secure internet facility. It couldn’t be easier.

When might you use psychometrics?

  • Making more informed recruiting decisions
  • Raising personal awareness
  • Benchmarking excellent behaviours and skills
  • When colleagues refuse to acknowledge ‘ areas for development’
  • Building more effective teams
  • Improving communication and presentation skills
  • Modifying behaviours that do not serve you well
  • Influencing peers or customers
  • Resolving and preventing conflict
  • Gaining greater commitment
  • A platform from which to develop potential
  • When you need accurate insight into yourself or others