School Leavers

School Leavers

The process that we bring the individual through is not a complicated one, but everyone who works with Amaze suggests it’s both “exciting and challenging”. Approaching the leaving cert is already a stressful time, with teachers and the education system focusing on “points” and hyping the anticipation of the exams themselves. It’s difficult for any young adult to get the time out to reflect, envision a future career for the individual who would excel and at the same time be excited. In some cases, the debs night takes precedence over future career. It’s certainly not easy to work out an approach that would be hundred per cent aligned with the natural capabilities of the young adult.

Could the candidates do this themselves? Yes. Can a parent, career guidance teacher or best friend help? Of course, they can.

Using Amaze however is the option used by anyone who is not sure what they want to do, maybe too close to the situation, have been confused by options already explored, may not be excited by academia, is not drawn to career/colleges been talked about by friends, have particular complexities associated, wants to extend the choices and options on offer, would like to explore sectors, companies and roles that extend way beyond the third level, need real answers, future options and practical strategies that contribute to a workable plan.




The proposition



2 sessions, each about two hours long


Most people feedback that a 4-week period is ideal to allow them to internalise the insights, validate them with family and friends, complete some of the exercises, and research options and be fully confident in their decisions and approach. If necessary, we can accelerate this process to be completed over a much shorter timeframe. These sessions are conducted at a time and place that suits you.

Subjects covered;    

  • We look to objectively determine the unique strengths that the young adult has, through the use of an online psychometric tool. The accuracy rate here, to predict strengths against industry professionals, is greater than 94%.
  • We spend time to understand in place value on those things that excite and energise the student, up until now. There are possibly some clues in there.
  • We develop a vision for what the ideal outcome would be and we craft a career vision that is 100% aligned. This is a powerful tool (almost like a compass) to allows you to open up to alternative approaches, methodologies, sectors and roles that you may not have even known existed.
  • We explore careers already familiar to young adults and help them appreciate how they may (or may not) be them.
  • We get friends and family involved in extending the range of options on offer.
  • We look at the colleges and the next steps that will assist the individual to be the best version of themselves. Not all colleges or courses suit all individuals.
  • We look at a significant range of careers (some known but most available post-third level)
  • We look at the approach and strategy that will best help the candidate make a complete transition towards the successful outcome over the timeframe, address any issues preventing them from moving forward and formulate a plan, (with steps and actions ), that will carry you through the process.
  • We will construct a plan that will be over short, medium- and long-term timeframes; all of which the individual would want to follow through on.


The benefits

These are some of the benefits referred back by students who have benefited from the process…

  •  Increased motivation to study and work in the stressful time coming up to exams. There is now a good reason to study.
  • Knowing why it is that a particular college course, or college, is not the one for you. Better decisions are made around “the right one”
  • Increased awareness of the best study strategies, appropriate to the candidate involved.
  • Enhanced personal belief,  in transitioning away from secondary school to the third level (or entering the workforce).
  • Clarity and optimism around the future.
  • Direction aligned 100% with the individual.
  • Choices and options allow the individual to shine even brighter in the world, especially if they struggle in school or are not considered academically orientated.



€695. This covers the cost associated with the use of the psychometric tool (completed online as in the other scenario above), my time and accumulated expertise from over 32 years of experience in this area.


What’s unique about the proposition?    

In this particular context, having worked extensively with a lot with leaving cert and early college  from a career point of view, Amaze may have a perspective that allows for a better balance for the candidate, when they look for success on the pitch of life


We stay connected and involved until he achieves the outcome they want. In some cases, this can take a long period, especially where additional study, repeats,  other people are involved or where the practicalities of the situation are more complex.


It’s a  support guarantee 24×7 but with no extra costs.




Key learning


From all the engagements I have worked with to date, I can assure you that….


  • There is always an answer and it always works out.
  • The young adult knows some of the answers themselves already; they are staring them in the face or under their noses. They may be too close to recognise it.
  • Selecting a typical or traditional career is easy; finding a practical framework for the future that the candidate loves, and is naturally good at, is hard.
  • A process like this depends on what they ‘do’, not what they ‘know’ or have learned.
  • Rarely will the answers become clear as in an epiphany (although sometimes they can). It will be a “process”, rather than an event.
  • When we find the way forward, family and friends will collectively confirm that the student is on the right path.
  • For some, the cost of the service can be more than they thought. That’s understandable.  The feedback from those who deferred the decision, or did not proceed, is that there is also a price to be paid for making the wrong decision on a career direction or college course or no decision at all. And when the candidate ends up in a career that they love and excel in, it will have been the best value ever.
  • In a significant number of cases, parents have reported that the cost of Deb’s night exceeded the price quoted above. Deb’s night typically lasts five hours. The career will last 50 years