Career Transitions – Gold Programme

Career Transitions – Gold Programme

This solution, conducted over a twp -month period, guides you to identify and evaluate your improved options.

Amaze facilitate the discovery of all the information you may require to make the ‘right’ career move.

This programme underpins short to medium term career planning and movement.

Ideally suited for those who are:

  • seeking to identify improved options
  • looking to examine and incorporate the elements that set exceptional performance and fulfillment apart within a career
  • looking to keep costs down
  • can assimilate a lot of career information within a shorter time-frame


  • Examines the elements of excellent career performance. You increase awareness.
  • Accelerates the transition process. Saves you time.
  • You execute more of the process yourself. It gives you control.
  • Exposes you to valid and objective information as to why your current environment is not exciting to you. You understand more.
  • Offers you real options in terms of future career options. You have a choice.

Structure and content

  • It allows you to comprehensively and objectively understand your personal strengths in a business context when compared to other individuals in business in the western world in the 21st century.
  • Recommends a comprehensive suite of sectors and roles where you can excel. Our experience by working with people over the last 27 years,  suggests these are right 97% of the time.
  • It allows you to understand the ideal work environment for you.
  • Allows lifestyle to be maintained in the medium to long-term.
  • Generation of a practical short and medium-term plan.
  • There is pre-work,  three sessions (@ 90 mins each) with Amaze, and ongoing email support as you interpret, explore and execute on the plan.


The greatest cost will be in terms of your own time, frustrations, and commitment to making the move.

And there may be an even bigger price to pay if you do nothing.

We are happy to talk through the cost options, balancing your own circumstances, and the value of the service, when you call.

Ships in harbour are safe ………. but that’s not what ships are built for.

John Shedd