Performance Coaching FAQ’s

Performance Coaching FAQ’s

Performance Coaching FAQ’s

Who works with a DoPE / Performance Coach?

Corporations; for executive coaching and team leadership:

  • Organizations
  • Teams
  • Leaders
  • Musicians
  • Bands
  • Sportspeople
  • Students
  • Ordinary People
  • Executives

Individuals; for rapid development in areas such as:

  • Leadership,
  • Interpersonal impact,
  • Delivering the bottom line,
  • Strategising,
  • Envisioning,
  • Self-discipline,
  • Skill development,
  • Enhanced knowledge,
  • Innovation,
  • Self-management,
  • Well-being,
  • Influencing others,
  • Increasing ‘street’ smarts,
  • Enhancing problem-solving and decision-making,
  • Channeling and managing stress,
  • Motivation,
  • Addressing limiting beliefs,
  • Becoming a master in your area of expertise,
  • Making breakouts from debilitating habits,
  • Enhancing your self-sustaining capabilities,
  • Personal marketing,
  • Career progression and development,
  • Balance work and life,
  • Getting into the zone quicker,
  • Assertiveness,
  • Handling attention (the good and the bad),
  • Eliminating fears, handling other people,
  • Personal transformation,
  • Becoming ‘luckier’
  • Maintaining a focus on the outcome.

Why hire a DOPE/performance coach?

Amaze is engaged by corporations and people because:

  • They want more
  • They want it sooner
  • They want “less stress”
  • They do not currently have the skills in-house
  • They need an objective 3rd party perspective
  • They want to be more productive
  • They don’t want to stumble along
  • They know they are at a crossroads
  • They want to discover innovative ways of doing things
  • They want more options
  • They want a kick-start
  • They want support
  • They need to be challenged
  • They want to realise and develop their potential

How is this different from consulting, therapy, or having a supportive friend?

Our systems and processes tap into the existing wealth of knowledge and potential already existing in companies, teams, and individuals allowing for growth from within.

Our systems and processes transfer knowledge into action with the client determining the agenda and the process fully centering on their needs.

Our systems and processes are very different from consulting which provides only temporary or intermittent solutions. The consultant is expected to have the right answer and to pass on the benefits of their experience in a specific area of learning. Coaching, on the other hand, is a consistent, ongoing relationship where the coach works with the client to help implement new skills, adopt new behaviours, enable changes, and reach goals. Consulting often involves dispensing advice; and telling people what they should do. Coaching focuses on assisting you to discover a solution on your own. Thus the results last long after the relationship ends.

Our systems and processes are not therapy. Whereas therapy brings understanding and awareness of the past, coaching focuses on present realities and future strategies to create working solutions. Coaching is movement-orientated and action-based. It is important to understand how past events and circumstances have influenced the current situation. But why continue to beat yourself up on what is gone and cannot be changed?

Our systems and processes include several principles from sports coaching like teamwork and exceeding potential to be one’s best. Unlike sports coaching, however, the results are not “win or lose” based. Our systems and processes focus on strengthening the clients’ skills from the first session forward. Any amount of coaching will benefit a client from this perspective.

A supportive friend is wonderful to have; but do they hold the objectivity and distance that a coach does? A coach is a professional who is trusted to work with you on the most important aspects of your life and/or business. A coach offers a different perspective of the truth because of the emotional and unbiased distance the professional relationship offers.

Does the DOPE/coach work on personal or professional goals?

Both! The common denominator between a client and productivity is YOU, the client. Our systems and processes inevitably work with all aspects of personal, business, and professional goals. The Amaze experience suggests that personal issues always impact business performance and business issues impact personal performance. What’s your experience?

What is the “focus”?

Amaze focus on where you decide the greatest need is. Part of the discussions often include:

  • Where are you now about where you want to be?
  • What are your goals? Are they based on your values?
  • What is success for you?
  • To get what you want from any situation, what are the areas of strength, and what are the areas for improvement and focus?

By creating the focus around what you want to achieve, Amaze™ can guarantee that the greatest impact is achieved within the shortest space of time and with the least amount of effort.

Why does it work?

  • It’s not about what you know differently that makes the difference, it’s what you DO differently.
  • People learn quickly through personal discovery rather than instruction or information transfer. FACT.
  • Our systems and processes generate synergy, which in turn generates unbelievable momentum
  • Our systems and processes root you in reality. Amaze has no agenda, no bias, no personal association with the issues
  • Our systems and processes yield better-defined goals
  • You develop new skills and adopt new behaviours that translate into a more successful and balanced life.

How long does it take?

The commitment will vary, depending upon your desired outcomes and the pace at which you want to reach your goal. It can vary from:

  • A single session
  • Accelerator programme:
    Typically lasting from 1 to 3 months and is used to quickly achieve the desired level of personal performance.
  • Maintenance programme:
    The hard work has been done and you now want to ensure continued success, personal accountability, and higher personal development. There is always the option to discontinue coaching at any stage, our clients usually want to “raise the bar” again and move up to the next level.

You retain control at all times, however.

What ‘coaching model’  does Amaze use?

The model used is based on the principles of “reflective coaching” (guiding the individual to develop their strategies to progress rather than showing them how to fix it) and “appreciative inquiry” (building on existing strengths and using the individual’s preferred way of learning).

What about confidentiality?

Nothing will ever be divulged outside of our relationship. You have our word. What you are doing, how you are doing, what you have achieved and your secrets will never be discussed with anyone. From time to time, the person who referred you might ask to Amaze how you are doing. Our answer: “He/she is doing great”.

“It’s never too late to be what you might have been”.                 George Eliot