How can Amaze help you reach your potential?

How can Amaze help you reach your potential?

At Amaze we specialise in coaching, helping you and your colleagues to reach important goals…

Amaze™ is the only Irish company that specialises in improving the performance capability, personal potential, and influencing skills of individuals and teams through our Development of Potential (DoP) processes.

We work with leaders, senior teams, business managers, professionals, and executives in organisations and groups where greater levels of personal performance are required to deliver against objectives.

Specialising in business, sports & music we have an unrivalled track record of success in other sectors where the performance of people, the development of potential and the effective management of teams is central to results.

With Amaze™ you can expect results through a collaborative partnership… that is our promise to you!

  • Results orientated: You WILL achieve what you set out to achieve. That’s the Amaze™ commitment.
  • Unconditionally constructive: No matter what happens through the sessions, we will only articulate those things that will get you closer to your goals. If you are stuck, we will be patient. If you need to celebrate success, we will celebrate with you. We will not put you wrong, criticise you, complain or force an agenda on you. Now, where else can you expect such a relationship?
  • Focused on the Development of Potential: We will enable you to realise your full potential within your given context. We believe in you when you find it hard to believe in yourself. We show you what is possible and help you devise the map to get there.
  • Simple: Complexity adds confusion. So let’s keep it simple.
  • Guarantees: It has worked for everyone else; why not you?
  • Rooted in Reality: Things are as they are. You are who you are. The challenge is to take what we have and move to where you want to be.
  • Confidential: The relationship and what is discussed will never be divulged. You have our word.

“I couldn’t wait for success. So I went ahead without it.”        Jonathan Winters

The Amaze™ approach


Amaze™ ask more from you than you will ask yourself, by yourself. We challenge you to go further and think bigger because we know you can. We help you to look for the next steps, and the next, and the next, as you put your plans into action.


Amaze™ explore, problem solves, brainstorm, and evolve with your options, ideas, alternatives, strategies, and solutions. We stretch your mind and open your way of thinking to discover greater possibilities and opportunities.


Amaze™ will help you develop several strategies that will ensure you know exactly what is needed to ensure your outcomes are achieved.


Amaze™ supports you, your goals, and your decisions. We make the journey with you, and when appropriate, offer guidance, information, tools, and resources. And should you say “I don’t know” or “I can’t”, we stay with you until you discover that “you do know ” and “you can”


Amaze™ helps you to step back and look at the full picture – to evaluate and assess situations and events more objectively. We offer an independent perspective and we enable you to develop your own. The result is greater clarity, understanding, and coherence.


Amaze™ helps you to turn down the volume on the internal noise, to analyse, identify, access, and learn from your situation and experiences. We enable you to look for what is missing and for what is not working.

Amaze™ works with you to select and develop your strategies; formulate action plans, evaluate, test, measure, monitor, adjust and improve, to articulate and communicate your goals, objectives, and strategies.

Why Choose Amaze™?

Are you finding it hard to choose an organisation that will help you develop your capabilities and to increase your performance? Let’s make it easier for you. Here are some of the reasons why our clients continue to work with Amaze™.

Why Amaze?

  • Amaze™ is the only company in Ireland that specialises in the delivery of performance through the development of the potential of professionals. You get to work with experienced practitioners.
  • Amaze™ focus 100% on improving performance through the development of potential. That’s why our clients actively recommend us.
  • Amaze™ is the only coaching company that is prepared to offer guarantees. Check out our brand promise.
  • We only deal with ordinary people. Superman need not apply. No pressure
  • Our clients continue to achieve extraordinary results. This will be you.
  • Coaching happens where and when you want. You save time.
  • Over 32 years of experience in improving the performance of professionals. That’s longer than most coaching companies have been in business. Work with the best.
  • A unique focus on practical interventions and behavioural changes that deliver measurable results within the shortest space of time. The return on investment is ‘Amazing’, up to 1480%! You get a Return on Investment.
  • Proven track record within the business environment. You get results

“The soft stuff is always harder than the hard stuff. Human interactions are a lot tougher to manage than numbers and profits and losses.”

Roger Enrico Vice Chairman, PepsiCo

“A smooth sea never made a skilled mariner”

English Proverb