Customer Testimonial:

“I knew I was well able to do the job. But I know that every hour I spent focusing on what was important with my coach during those sessions saved me about ten hours of hassle during the following week. I needed that practical support because the one thing that is constant in our sector is change itself.”

CEO’s are thought to have all the answers. You know that is not always the case. There are days when you possibly don’t even have the right questions.


  • Do you consider yourself an ordinary person, but want to deliver extraordinary results for your organisation?
  • Do you recognise the phrases “Lonely Place” or “Emotional Isolation” or “Lack of clarity”?
  • Are you there now?

A high proportion of the CEO’s whom we work with talk about their role in such a manner. They are accountable to their board of directors. They want to deliver against expectations. They are keen to develop their potential. They want to drive the business and the senior team to higher levels of performance. They know what needs to be done. However, there are days when they don’t feel in control; days when they wish they were better equipped for the job.

You can’t browse Amazon for a book called “CEO for Dummies”. You are the person who is writing the script for the first time. This is your particular sector, your mix of staff, your individual challenges, your finite resources, your competitive environment, your financial resources, your customer issues and your product and service as currently defined. (Oops, we nearly forgot the economy) Your dreams, plans, fears, strategies, and visions are as unique as everyone else’s.

Developing your potential as a CEO level through Amaze offers a “safe & effective space” where you get to proofread your drafts, improve your skills, make mistakes, generate a bigger pool of options and ensure the plot develops so that your book becomes a ‘best seller’.

Structure & Content

Working with a performance coach you can expect an engagement which supports you 100% in:

  • Identifying thorough and compelling visions
  • Influencing staff and board members at a higher level
  • Generating viable options
  • Fully understand and analyse all your challenges
  • Developing leadership competencies
  • Influencing perspectives
  • Generating viable alternatives to current practices and processes
  • Identifying and resolve blockages to revenue growth
  • Managing the stress that “goes with the territory
  • Moving from management into leadership ( there’s a huge difference)
  • Measuring and improving your Emotional Intelligence
  • Mastering key collaborative skills
  • Developing your senior team to higher levels of performance, commitment, and responsibility
  • Developing higher levels of personal mastery and effectiveness
  • No agenda, no politics, no fluff
  • A second independent and experienced resource working on your agenda
  • A safe harbour when storms are raging.

Sessions are typically carried out face to face, with additional support outside of scheduled meetings available over the phone or video platforms. Consider the following options:

A single session:

Sometimes sufficient to address immediate issues. Just call on Amaze when you need them.

Accelerator Programme

Typically lasting from 1 to 3 months, covering a structured programme agreed in advance and used to quickly achieve a heightened level of personal performance within tight time frames. One business quarter is a useful period within which to prove this is worth your commitment.

Maintenance Programme

You have now addressed the issues and you are well on track. However, you also realise how much more you are capable of with the support and challenge of the coaching relationship. You are now ready to become proactive. You begin to develop the capacity to “sow the seeds of large oak trees, under which you will probably never sit”.


  • Improved results
  • Quicker progress
  • Shorter time frames
  • More enlightened visions
  • Superior analysis
  • Superior management teams
  • Increased personal effectiveness
  • Strategic plans that really work
  • You get home by 7 pm.   You can take your holidays.    Balance!

Does it work?

In a recent survey carried out by Manpower on the impact of leaders developing their potential with a view to lead their organisation better, 100%  indicated improvements in communication, personal effectiveness, teamwork, leadership, client service and goal setting.

You decide whether it applies equally to you.


 “Different is not always better, but better is always different”                  Dale Dauton