Sales Leaders

Sales Leaders

Customer Testimonial

“Once I became aware of how these habits may be holding me back, it was easy to commit to the change process. I have to admit it was hard to make the changes but the regular coaching sessions kept me on track.”

Right now is the best time to develop your potential as a sales leader.

Find the right sales resources, enthuse them to your proposition, get them focused on delivering tough targets, motivate them when they are underperforming, stay positive in a tough market, solve more problems for your customers, compile reports and do the same all over again next quarter with an equally challenging target.

Sound like you? Then we need to be talking.




Do you have the most demanding role in your organisation?

If you are like the other sales leaders we work with, you are expected to deliver with few excuses, be focused 100% of the time, take up any slack, be the backbone of the management team and have all the answers to any question the sales teams or customers put your way.

Guess what? Every sales leader is faced with the same tall-order and most are struggling.

Do you recognise any of the following challenges?
  • Never enough time
  • Expected to stay on target even though the climate is tough
  • Not fully in control of your own destiny
  • Finding it hard to motivate some salespeople
  • An abundance of priorities
  • Wanting to improve your own skills as a sales leader
  • Trying to link the sales strategy to the consistent delivery
  • Wanting to influence your sales team and M.D. to your way of thinking
  • Planning to target new businesses or new markets

And how about…

  • Good at some aspects of the job, excellent at others and struggling with certain elements
  • Salespeople leaving because of your management style (though you do not see it as an issue)
  • Wanting your whole team to be as motivated as you
  • Challenged by changes in your marketplace
  • Want to “Model” your star performers
  • Nowhere near developing your potential
  • Impacted by the “cost of poor performance” of the staff
  • Working hard to “hit” your numbers (and they will only get tougher)





Structure & Content

Face to face coaching sessions are the most powerful way to empower sales leaders. Between scheduled meetings, Amaze™ offer around the clock support in helping you deliver on your target. Now, who else is currently making themselves as accessible to support you in your challenges?

One sales manager who has committed to Amaze increased his daily team target from €85,000 to €101,000 within 60 days of engaging in a sales leaders coaching programme. No magic, no pixie dust; making small but insightful changes to personal and team behaviours.

A single session:

Once you clarify the options available and are happy you have the relevant support structures, you are ready to deliver on your own.

Accelerator Programme

Typically lasting from 1 to 3 months, we ensure you are equipped to deliver on your strategy. You will be amazed by the progress you can make in such a short time.

Maintenance Programme

Extending beyond the initial engagement, some sales leaders are focused on consolidating successes and preparing for the next increase on target. If you can achieve within three months what you have already achieved, you will be astounded as to what you can do after further work with a development of potential expert. Amaze™ suggest that the “Return On Investment” will be proven at this stage and any decision about continuing the relationship will be straightforward to make.





Other sales leaders who have gone through this process report…

  • 100% control over the achievement of your target
  • Capability to achieve on a sustained basis
  • Less impact on the downward economy
  • Increased motivational and management skills
  • Higher productivity per sales resource
  • More loyal customers
  • Greater visibility
  • More time to plan, less firefighting
  • Improved career opportunities



Does it work?

You can be the judge!

One sales manager who has committed to Amaze increased his daily team target from €55,000 to €201,000 within 60 days of engaging in a sales leaders coaching programme (May  2020).

Another sales leader who has committed to Amaze has consistently delivered a €12 million monthly target for the last 12 months of engaging in a sales leaders coaching programme. (20016 / 2017/ 2019 / 2020)



So what results would you want to achieve?