Who gives a damn if you develop your potential?

Who gives a damn if you develop your potential?

Develop your potential or make a career move!  So how can the ‘care’ of another help you in either of these areas. You may have thought from the title that I was about to launch on a ‘rant’ of some sort. Rather, I was encouraging you to bring to mind those people in your life who care about you; who do actually give a damn about you, your potential and your career.

You know who they are. Maybe a partner or spouse? Perhaps a parent? How about your siblings? Bring to mind your children and how they connect with you in that special way. Are there others? Who are the close friends who fit the bill? Maybe you have, or had, a manager at work who took an interest in making you great. Are there people on the team at work who like what you do and care that you develop your career? Maybe someone who is supporting you to make a career move. And I wonder if you  are open to take time out now to bring these to mind?

That’s all I have asked you to do. Bring them to mind. See their faces. How would you describe their expressions? See their actions. How do they positively impact on you? Hear their words. How do those words build you up? Develop a sense of their caring for you; there is most likely a warmth and depth to what you are feeling.

If you’re like everyone else who commits to this exercise as they seek to develop potential or embark on a career move, you’ll have had a fairly positive experience.

I am going to ask you to repeat the process. This time however I want you to do so in the context of a challenge or problem you may be trying to resolve at the moment; one where answers are few on the ground up until now. Maybe you are looking for a career change. Maybe you are trying to develop your leadership skills. Maybe you are attempting to improve some business process or increase employee engagement.  Bring that issue to mind. Maybe write down a statement synthesising what it is you are trying to achieve.

Now repeat the exercise above where you enter into the love and compassion of those people who give a real damn about you. Take about 5 minutes to think about it. And now begin to notice the difference and ease in your ability to solve and move forward on your challenge.

So what happened in between? And how does this impact upon how we might develop our potential? When we set out on the journey to ‘raise the bar’ on what we want to achieve in a career, work or personal context, we are usually restrained by our past learning and conditioning. These are the thoughts, limiting beliefs and reasons we tell ourselves that prevent us from seeing different, doing different or thinking different. We are held back from breaking out of the mental chains.

The one chemical in our brain that allows us to break out of these old systems, that causes disconnections in our neural pathways, and which enable new insights to present themselves is the Neuro-demodulator OXYTOCIN. This hormone is responsible for breaking the links in our brains that keep us stuck and allowing the possibility of opening new ways to see and experience our world. That’s why it can be so difficult to develop your potential. And what is the easiest way to release Oxytocin into our brains? All you have to do is bring to mind all those in your life who give a damn

If you want to find out more about how you could release yourself from those restraining beliefs or behaviours that detract you from focusing time on career planning or to develop your potential  , why not contact Fran at Amaze. You’ll be glad that you gave a damn about yourself.

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