Developing Your Potential

Developing Your Potential

Career guidance, leadership skills, and successful teams…PROMISED!

This unique and transformational programme is the only one for any executive, musician, sports pro, or team who is seeking to ‘develop their potential within their professional context.

Are you looking to  ‘raise the bar’   on what you achieve?

Do you need to deliver measurable results?

Are you looking for a system that builds on your current abilities?

Do you want the process to be easy, quick, and enjoyable?

Do you need to find practical ways to deal with the things you don’t find easy or dislike doing?

If you’re looking for resources to make it happen then you have found the programme for you. You’ll be amazed at how simple the steps are as you pick up the phone and call Amaze now!

Structure & Content

The programme is flexibly developed for any business professional or senior executive team who are seeking to develop the potential they know they have within their particular context

Are you trying to deliver better service to clients, achieve stretching targets, sell more as an organisation, play better together as a band or wining more competitions as a sports team?

In all these cases, this programme is what you are looking for.

The Content

No two programmes are ever the same. You and your team are unique, just like every other individual or team who has gone through this process. But you can expect rapid development in areas such as ………

………… leadership, interpersonal impact, strategising, envisioning, self-discipline, skill development, enhanced knowledge, innovation, self-management, and well-being, influencing others, increasing ‘street’ smarts, enhancing problem-solving and decision making, understanding and developing your Emotional Intelligence, channeling and managing stress and motivation.

And how about…

addressing limiting beliefs, becoming a master in your area of expertise, making breakouts from debilitating habits, enhancing your self-sustaining capabilities, personal marketing, career progression and development, balancing work and life, getting into the zone quicker, assertiveness, handling attention (the good and the bad), eliminating fears, increasing resilience, success thinking, self-discipline, handling other people, personal transformation, becoming ‘luckier’ and maintaining focus on the outcome.

The Framework

The programme is flexibly designed to suit you  but the following gives you a sense of the process

Introductory phase:

Important to develop a sense of what you need in your particular context to return the investment.


Objective measurements of current performance will be important in determining the structure and pace of the programme so that it meets expectations.

Determining desired outcomes:

What will success look like and when does it need to be delivered?

Design a strategy:

It is crucial to design a set of practical tools and techniques that set you up for success.

Devise a plan:

Day-to-day tasks, timelines, and actions need to be documented so that progress is made, acknowledged, celebrated, and built upon.


The real world jumps up to bite you but it is so important to begin to execute towards your outcome. Let’s get into action.


….as results become available. It is unlikely that every item on your plan will work out as we predict. Modifications will need to be made on a timely basis to cater to those areas that are not working.[/tab]


  • Extraordinary results
  • Greater effectiveness
  • Improved productivity
  • Being who you were always meant to be
  • More options and choices
  • Higher earning capacity

And how about…

  • A lot less stress
  • Enhanced capacity within difficult and stressful environments.
  • Ongoing  support from an expert
  • Enhanced self-esteem
  • Realise your potential before it’s too late
  • Greater ability to solve complex issues and problems

Case Study

Business Challenge

Gavin was already the number one direct salesperson within his organisation from a team of nineteen. This success had made him keen to progress to higher levels of achievement and responsibility. Feedback however from the directors in the company suggested that, though capable and strong in his current role, he was unlikely to be selected as a candidate for the key accounts team as they felt he lacked some of the higher-order competencies necessary to do large deals at multinational / government level. His sales director, however, was keen to give Gavin practical support so he could at least compete for the role in 2023. Amaze was asked to guide, unlock, and develop Gavin’s potential.

The outcome

Not only was Gavin able to compete for the role when it was advertised, but he was also by far the best candidate within the selection process when measured against five other high-achievers from within the industry. He started the role in November and is currently 25% ahead of target.

Customer feedback

“Once Amaze helped me to connect with my core strengths, we were able to devise a set of practical strategies that I could execute during 2011. It was not easy at first. But Amaze helped me realise what was holding me back and helped me make the necessary behavioural changes I needed to make. Getting the promotion was so worth all the effort and commitment. I couldn’t recommend the process highly enough “.

What Our Customers Say

  • “The framework was exactly what I needed to challenge myself to levels I didn’t  think were possible”
  • “This is the most unique, practical, and effective programme I have come across. It was framed to suit my temperament and context and that’s why it worked”
  • “I found it easy to begin to make practical improvements in my career. The positive feedback from colleagues merely endorsed what I knew to be true myself”
  • “It was far easier to deliver on objectives when I developed myself first”
  • “I have slept so much better since I embarked on the process with Amaze. The results and the promotion I was looking for have allowed me to relax more. You have no idea how important that was”
  • “I needed someone who could short-circuit the blockages that had hindered me up until now. And it wasn’t difficult in the end”

When asked what, if anything, will you do differently after the programme?

  • “I know how to apply myself to achieving the more stretching objectives that have been set for me” (Key accounts manager in the Technology sector)
  • “Work got a whole lot easier as I completed the 90-day accelerator programme.” (Operations director in the construction sector)
  • “I was able to double my annual income as a musician as a result of the improvements I made in my musicianship, coupled with the confidence and personal marketing skills I developed during the programme”. (Currently touring America with high-profile artists)
  • ” I was able to knock 4 shots off my average scorecard within six months, without having to change my swing or my clubs. I can aim for even better rounds now” (Golf Pro)
“If you think you are too small to be effective, you’ve never been in bed with a mosquito”.    
Bette Reeves