Improving Sales

Improving Sales

Customer Testimonial:

“There was probably a lot more shortcomings that contributed to the problems than first we thought. We had to address a number of areas across marketing, organisational culture, and the habits of the sales team. In truth, none were too complicated. But the facilitation of an outside resource that helped us find our own solutions to our own problems was indispensable. We now have the in-house skills to sort out any future issues ourselves.”

A recent 2012 intervention with a sales team of 5 sales professionals has delivered an ROI of over 3000%. So for whatever sales reason, you have come to this website, just  IMAGINE what a similar result could do for your bottom line!

Haven’t been able to find a supplier, programme, or service that you know can address your requirements in developing excellence in sales? Looking to introduce a sales excellence mentality?  Need to bring your salespeople from being reps to being “trusted advisors”? Need to develop or implement an actionable sales process? Want to support a sales professional who is struggling but whom you believe has great potential?

Then now is the best time to do something.

And you’ll be surprised as you phone +353 1 621 2026 NOW      with how much clearer you will be about what you can do.


  • Do you know your circumstance requires something different?
  • Have you already tried approaches that are not working?
  • Are you looking to streamline a sales process?
  • Are you seeking to create ‘alignment’ between sales processes and tangible results?
  • Do you think your products or services need a different approach?
  • Do you know your salespeople need credible interventions?
  • Do you want to move away from selling based only on price?
  • Are you looking for some guarantee that this will work?
  • Looking for a supplier who is more interested in business results and people performing than delivering generic material?

Then you need to talk to Amaze. We specialise in revitalising established sales professionals and teams who seem to have “gone off the boil”.

Why try something that will work?

The programmes and services you see outlined on this web site fulfill a high percentage of the business needs. We know however that ONE SIZE NOT DOES FIT ALL. Some companies are offering new concepts to the marketplace for the first time. Others are addressing emerging sectors. Some of the sales resources are struggling to match expectations.

Amaze has a unique proposition for established sales forces who want to move from being a commodity and transactionally-based to a solution and value-based approach.

We have proven experience in co-creating and delivering tailored programmes, services, and initiatives that are underpinned by the development of potential approaches.      THEY WORK. The process does take longer and will require active involvement from you than a traditional training day. But like the other companies who have committed to this approach, you can expect better results and greater value for money.  With the Amaze brand promise, we can guarantee it.

Structure & Content

Since the interventions are designed to address your specific requirements, it is impossible to predict the scope and nature of the material or content.

We can commit however that it will build on the extensive resources of Amaze, be underpinned by the metrics that track success, be delivered within your context, be in line with the mission and values of the business, underpin the sales process, and aligned to the requirements of both the management and sales team.

You can typically expect, however:

A single session:

Once you or the team recognise and address your development opportunities, you can execute your own action plan. Sometimes this is all that is needed

Accelerator Programme

Typically delivered over 1 to 3 months and combining the best in experiential learning within the real world. Every salesperson gets 100% real value

Maintenance Programme

You are on a roll now and want to continue to build.No surprises when we tell you that 64% of companies we work with to arrive at this stage, choose to raise the bar and retain Amaze to challenge and practically support them.


  • The targets achieved are in line with the plan
  • Sales resources are revitalised
  • Greater adaptability within a fast-changing environment
  • More clarity and less fog
  • The whole company gains energy.
  • You can predict the outcome
  • You regain control of the sales process
  • More time to plan; less firefighting
  • Your sales team are better positioned for future target increases
  • Increased confidence throughout
  • Improved cash flow.

Does it work? Let Amaze prove it to you.

In a recent international survey carried out by Manchester Inc.,  a Return on Investment of 6 times the cost of the intervention was recorded. Amaze has seen an average ROI of 15x  the investment.

A sales executive, who has been working with Amaze, has this year delivered the single biggest deal in their sector ever globally. That’s the result.


One organisation in the highly competitive financial arena that implemented such a framework in early  2015, reports a 3000% ROI within 180 days of engaging with Amaze.

And an Amaze sales executive, operating from a UK Office, delivered 50% of his team’s target for the first quarter of their financial year ( Aug- Oct 202) with a net profit of over £9 million (no luck involved; all planned)

Ordinary salespeople;  Extraordinary results

“Don’t waste time putting in what was left out. Spend time drawing out what was put in”  –                       Marcus Buckingham