Can everyone develop his or her potential?

Can everyone develop his or her potential?


Can everyone develop his or her potential?

When I talk to people about the concept of ‘development of potential’, a question that seems to arise often is whether everyone can develop their potential. It always amuses me that some people assume that they have less capability or right to expect to amaze themselves.

When further explored with the individual, the question is always posed with two underlying curiosities.

a)      is that not only for high powered executives?

b)      could I dare to believe that I could be as capable as I dreamed I could be?

From my 32 years of helping people across all walks of life to practically put systems and learning in place to be the best they can be, I can categorically say that everyone can develop their potential.

So what stops us from believing that we can get a whole lot better? Limiting beliefs play a huge part here. Beliefs are passed onto us by guardians, friends, society, and all those in our lives who suggest they have our best wishes at heart. The only problem is that they are passing on their stuff, their lost opportunities, their desires to stay safe, their mistakes, and their beliefs. Maybe circumstances hold them back from going to the next level. But does this need to hold you back as well? Why not ask yourself this simple question” Did I receive their advice because it is valid and true or because they did not have the resources to  pick themselves up when knocked down in the past?”

What could rapidly change how I could change my restrictive thinking and allow me to develop my potential? That’s easy. All you have to do is to ‘Imagine’ or ‘Dream’ about what you would like to achieve in life, sport, or business. Start a statement with “Imagine if.. “. From my research into how the neurology of the brain helps or hinders us to develop our potential, merely allowing yourself to ‘Imagine’ or ‘Dream’ begins to draw energy from that part (The Left Pre-frontal Cortex) that keeps us doing what we always did and to enable that part (The Right Orbital Frontal Cortex) that creates an emerging vision. And this vision leads ultimately to a motivation to begin a practical course of action to make sure your future is very different from your past.

And all you have to do is           IMAGINE.

And as always, If you have any questions as to how this could more specifically apply to your situation, call or email  [email protected].

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