Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

Customer Testimonial:

“I know I am good at what I do. But the pace within our organisation meant I could have been swamped and there is no time to learn these new skills and do the “day job”. I am glad the CEO made coaching available to me. Life just got a lot better.”

Executive CoachingIf you are working in a more complex environment, with greater time pressures, constant change and ever-higher demands on your skills, you might feel as though you are running just to stand still.

You are expected to support and empower your staff, colleagues, and customers daily.

Who’s developing you?

  • Are you faced with business and personal issues and wish you were better equipped to deal with them?
  • Do you consider yourself to be an ordinary executive, but want (or are expected) to deliver extraordinary results?
  • Have you arrived at the career position you always wanted and found it tougher than you imagined?

There is a cost to be paid for battling on your own. Alternatively, you might consider working with Amaze on an executive coaching programme.

Executive coaching is an individualised, one-to-one relationship, designed to assist you in developing professional effectiveness and on-the-job performance. We work with you to harness the feedback available from a number of different sources and to develop realistic strategies, alternatives, and options to deal with your most pressing issues.

Your issues are resolved quickly and with less hassle.

Structure & Content

teamSome of the key intervention areas we are dealing with now are:

  • Guiding individuals who require new skills for their current role as the organisation and the position changes
  • Improving the leadership, management and team-building skills of the executive.
  • Increasing an executive’s capacity in areas such as managing, planning, organisation, controlling, visioning and developing others
  • Increasing the executive’s psychological and personal mastery of skills such as self-awareness, recognition of “blind spots”, defensive and limiting thoughts as well as emotional effectiveness
  • Working with executives who are being groomed for promotion
  • Coaching executives whose temperament or behaviours are negatively impacting their ability to influence customers, staff or peers
  • Supporting executives who want to develop their career options
  • Improving an executive’s work/life balance to fulfil the organisational “duty-of-care” to that person as well as equipping them to be the very best they can be when “on-the-job”

Executive Coaching is typically carried out face to face, with additional support outside of scheduled meetings available over the phone or over video links. Consider the following options:

A single session

Sometimes sufficient to ensure the desired outcome. Gives you a chance to practically experience the benefits of executive coaching.

Accelerator programme

Typically lasting from 1 to 3 months and is used to quickly achieve the desired level of personal performance within tight time frames. Falls in line with a typical business quarter over which the business measures deliverables.

Maintenance programme

Moving beyond the initial engagement, you might want to raise the bar on your performance and deliver additional value. The higher order skills and support are readily available from the same people who were your catalyst towards extraordinary results.



Through Amaze’s executive coaching techniques, you will have results within 90 days…we guarantee it!

  • Improved results
  • Shorter time frames
  • Increased personal effectiveness
  • Strategic plans that really work
  • Less pressure
  • Greater visibility within the organisation
  • You get home by 7. You can take your holidays. Without worrying. Promise!

Does it work?


According to Manchester Inc, the average Return on Investment suggested was 6 times the cost of the Executive Coaching. Amaze have seen an ROI of 15 x the investment. In a recent survey by IBM and the UK Post office of individuals who were coached as opposed to being trained in the traditional sense showed that the coaching approach was 6.5 x more effective when measured three months later.

An Amaze client in the insurance sector, in the summer of 2021,  has reported an ROI of over 3000% ( their calculation, not ours )

“No pressure, no diamonds.”-                      Mary Case