Changing Career

Changing Career

Advice for changing your career

If you want to make sure you don’t have the same career this time next year, then you’ve landed on the right page.

Do you know/feel you are in the wrong career and want to make a “career transition”?

Do you now realise that you “fell into” your current job?

Are you looking for insight, skills and practical help to transition into a career where you can effortlessly excel?

Last month   NNE  people successfully transitioned career through this Amaze programme. Why shouldn’t it be you?

How will I know if I have to do something soon?

  • If you have any sense you are in the wrong career; a square peg in a round hole …
  • If you don’t know what the right career might be for you…
  • You think you know what the right career could be but you want to be sure it is…
  • If you’re considering making a move, but need it to be the “right” move
  • If you’re at the end of your tether…
  • If you need to do something to make sure your future is better than your present …

It also could be…

  • You know you are not happy in your current role. It probably has not felt “right” for a long time…
  • If you want to use the current uncertain economic climate as an opportunity to transition your future…
  • If you don’t know where to start, but you know you want to start…
  • If you are a ‘victim’ of cutbacks in your current company and want to use this as an opportunity for transition …
  • Your performance is lower than you know you’re capable of and time is dragging…
  • You know what your ‘career’ could be like and you want to do something now; not when it’s too late.

If any, or all, of the above, resonates with you, then you have found the right organisation to engage with.

Our research suggests there is a 95% probability that the Amaze approach will result in you making your successful career transition.

So what could be holding you back?

Maybe lack of information, lack of skill, lower confidence, greater fear of it not working, belief that you should be able to sort this yourself, financial issues, self-doubt, time, lack of support, lack of clarity, too much stress, other people, poor personal well-being, money issues, comparing and despairing or not knowing what you should be doing?

All of these issues are usually eradicated once you commit to working with Amaze.

Others who have completed the programme have reported these benefits.

  • You get the career you want
  • A new career becomes a reality
  • You get to perform to your full potential
  • You discover real reasons as to why you have been so frustrated with your current role
  • You begin to experience an improved quality of life
  • You get the personal satisfaction that you made it happen
  • Practical support to execute the plan guarantees success
  • You save a lot of time
  • You seriously reduced stress levels
  • You create greater earning power

Others have reported the following.

  • Your future looks brighter
  • You increase your self-confidence to make the move happen
  • You generate multiple options giving you greater choice
  • You “recession-proof” / “Pandemic proof” your position into the future
  • You get practical skills to make your plan happen; all rooted in your reality
  • You derive skills and knowledge to underpin future promotions
  • Your energy levels shoot up

Doing what you love is where happiness is.

It is the ultimate pay cheque” ………. Billy Connolly

Case Study

The challenge

Ray had been working as a financial advisor for five years but was very uneasy. He knew he was capable of a lot more and was looking for a role that challenged him at a higher level; a role that was in line with his own strengths and untapped talents. He knew he was good at his job, but it was ‘hard work; harder than it should have been. Friday could not come quick enough and Monday always seemed to start at lunchtime on Sunday. . He wanted to be ‘great’ in his career and make a real difference.

The Process

During the Amaze sessions, Ray was able to fully discover his natural strengths and transferable skills He began to understand all the elements of his ideal role; what kind of environment and manager he needed to perform at his best. He discovered about 50 jobs in 5 sectors where he could naturally excel. And all within areas that Ray was passionate about anyway.

He began to focus on the plan he devised with Amaze™ and he made the successful move within fifteen weeks. He is now earning more than he had in previous jobs but doing what he loved to do. (Note: The owner of the company has suggested that in the current recession climate, and in the light of his outstanding contribution, he considers Ray to be the most important member of the team and would not entertain ‘letting him go”)

Ray’s feedback

“I only wish I had worked with Amaze™ sooner. I could have saved myself a lot of heartache and time. I love my current role; it doesn’t feel like hard work.

What are the Amaze options?

For more information on each programme simply click on the name, or follow the link from the left menu.







One to one sessions with an experienced career coach X X X X X Group
Personalised career directions X X X X X X
Ideal career/sector choices X X X X X X
Personal strengths testing X X X X X X
Your ideal work environment audit X X X X X
Your skills and Knowledge audit X X X X X
Fully individualised process X X X X
Work-life balance considerations X X X X
Lifestyle elements X X X X
Customisable programme X X
Career planning Long term Long term Short-medium term Short term Short term Short-medium term
Duration You decide Full day Full day Half-day 2.5 hrs Full-day
Follow-up options You decide Regular face-to-face meetings Phone and e-mail for three months Phone and e-mail for one month E-mail for one month One to one session with experienced career coach
On-going support Until your new career starts Until your new career starts Until your new career starts One month By email

Next session Sept 2021.

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“I would rather be a failure doing something I love,  than a success doing something I hate”    George Burns