Communication Coaching

Communication Coaching

Have you ever heard the phrase                     1 + 1 = 3?

The unique business “tri-coaching” service from Amaze™ empowers this unlikely reality.


If you are like other business professionals, 80% of your week is spent communicating with people around you. Your requests are mainly understood, appreciated, and acted upon.

The most difficult situations arise however when there is a breakdown in communications between important business relationships.

Challenging relationships

CEO / Director; Business partners

Manager / Direct report

Salesperson / Client

Sales Director / Salesperson

Board / Senior Team

Family members in business together

Both sides need to resolve the issues and move forward. If only the other side would understand your point of view!

Typical issues addressed

Ownership of responsibility or authority

Disagreement on strategy or direction

Personality clashes

Quality of work/performance

Issues impacting revenue, quality or client satisfaction


The Amaze™ service provides an experienced business “tri-coach” who can intervene and ensure that the issues are rapidly resolved to both side’s satisfaction.

Structure & Content

When might you use such a service? When the cost of doing nothing is more expensive than the cost of the Amaze intervention.

This unique business service from Amaze™ has an experienced business tri-coach initially meet with both parties so their specific objectives and desired outcomes are fully understood and developed.

How does it work?

Each of the interested parties is challenged to devise a clear and concise agenda that will be addressed when they meet the other party in the facilitated forum. Both sides are encouraged to devise a” win-win” solution using outcome-based thinking techniques. Real issues, blockages, and objections are unearthed and fully explored at this stage.

The tri-coach then facilitates a collaborative dialogue between both parties and delivers an intervention that ensures a productive, honest and complete discussion that meets the expectations of both sides, is devoid of personal agendas, and which delivers a mutually satisfactory outcome. Guaranteed.

A single session:

A single meeting might be all it takes for the issue to be fully addressed to everyone’s satisfaction. An agreed solution is devised and documented. Subsequent telephone contact will be made by the Amaze™ tri-coach to ensure both parties are following through on their commitments.

Multiple Sessions:

You may prefer to engage in a number of facilitated sessions so that both parties are comfortable and capable of achieving the optimum outcomes in a productive manner and without the intervention of a coach.


  • Quicker results
  • Follow through on and personal accountability to “sort the issue”
  • 100% honesty from the outset
  • Structured support for both parties
  • Clarity around the core issues. Clarity
  • Verification that what was heard was exactly what was said and intended

Include the following as well…

  • Agreement on the key issues and an agreed action plan
  • Personal boundaries are understood and respect is given
  • Both voices are heard
  • Common understanding developed
  • Confrontation is avoided. Easier life

Does it work?

Absolutely, YES it does.

Clients who seek an outside intervention such as this are positively stating their desire to move an important issue forward.

They are open to an intervention from someone who is not emotionally attached, is skilled at negotiations, experienced in getting both sides talking and who can ensure they address the real issues.

All this without distortions, deletions, or generalisations.

What our customers say

“My first meeting with the new director was an anxious one for the business. I needed to be sure that she understood our expectations over the first 90 days of her appointment and thereafter. She had some clear messages for me as well. Not everything was going to be feasible in that time-frame.

The presence of the tri-coach ensured we focused on the important issues and left any personal agendas elsewhere. I would unequivocally recommend the process.”

CEO; National packaging company.

 “Whatever you are not changing, you are choosing.”                                                Laurie Buchanan