Improving Sports Performance

Improving Sports Performance

Customer Testimonial:

“Once Fran helped me to identify my core strengths and my golf temperament, we were able to devise a set of practical strategies that have worked. The feedback from those I play with now is that I am always about 12 shots mentally ahead of them. Committing to this programme is a ‘no-brainer’. The results speak for themselves”

Well done to the Amaze golf pro, David Mortimer, who has just made history. He is the only man to win the UK and Irish PGA championships in one season. Even more amazing having started to improve his mental potential eighteen months previous. NOW is the perfect time for you to develop the skills, knowledge, resilience, motivation, commitment, behaviours, awareness and success aspects of your sport.

Well done David

If you’re a sports professional (or serious amateur) who are reading this, you are looking for a qualified resource to help you (or your teammates) to improve your game, get ahead of your competition and win.

Or you may be an elite athlete who is thinking about making a transition to a new stage of your career. Life after full-time sports may bring challenges that are tougher than you thought.


This unique and effective programme is perfect for any person or team who are seeking to develop the potential they know they have within their sport. Most who have committed to this programme come from golf, soccer, and GAA.

You are already doing well. Now you want to ‘raise your game’ within a shorter space of time, with less pressure and with real tools and methods that will be 100% appropriate to winning more games and earning greater rewards. Some of the areas other sports pros are working on are…

  • Mastering the skills of your game
  • Being the best you can both on and off the course/pitch
  • Getting into your ‘zone’ quicker
  • Improving knowledge of your game
  • Developing your self-sustaining capabilities
  • Being a leader on the course/pitch
  • Success thinking
  • Improving your discipline
  • Making better decisions (before & during the match)

And how about

  • Making breakouts from bad habits

    48 Amaze Sports athletes  have won All Ireland glory in between 2017 and 2021
  • Having a strategy before your match begins
  • Creating a vision for future success
  • Channeling and managing the pressures
  • Finding and increasing sustainable motivation
  • Minimising and eliminating limiting beliefs
  • Your branding & marketing
  • Career development
  • Balancing sport and the real world
  • Building self-esteem
  • Assertiveness
  • Increasing resilience
  • Handling attention (the good and the bad)
  • Getting rid of your fears
  • Handling other people (agents, managers, press)
  • Becoming ‘luckier’ and maintaining focus on your outcome.

If you are facing some of these issues and know you can do a better job with the right help, then why not just talk to Amaze. Pick up the phone now, talk to Fran and find out how this could help you.

Structure & Content

The programme is flexibly designed for any individual or team who are seeking to develop their potential and play better in every match.

Are you trying to win more competitions, be more consistent in the games you play, be better prepared to win your place on the team, have a stronger mindset or develop new levels of motivation for winning?

In all these cases, this unique programme is what you are looking for. There are several options available ranging from …

A single session:

Sometimes the only catalyst needed to highlight the strengths you are currently  underutilising, identify the blockages and discover  the  motivation necessary to commit yourself to a course of action

Accelerator Programme

A 90-day ‘accelerator’ programme that builds upon any foundation course whilst allowing you to modify and carry through on your plans in a practical and real-world manner.

Maintenance Programme

A year-long maintenance regime, building on the accelerator programme, where support and challenge to greater levels of achievement are delivered.

The Framework

The programme is flexibly designed to suit you or your team but the following gives you a sense of the process

Introductory phase:

Important in determining what you or the band need, in the context of your particular circumstances. You need to get a return on your investment of time, and money.


Objective measurements of current performance will be important in determining the structure and pace of the programme so that it meets everyone’s expectations.

Determining desired outcomes:

What will success look like and by when does it need to be delivered?

Design a strategy:

It is crucial to equip you with a set of practical tools and techniques that set you up for success.

Devise a plan:

Day-to-day tasks, timelines, and actions need to be documented so that progress is made, acknowledged, celebrated and built upon.


The game jumps up to bite you,  but it is so important to begin to execute towards your outcome. Let’s play ball.


It is unlikely that every item on your plan will work out as we predict. Modifications will need to be made on a timely basis to cater for those areas that are not working.



  • Improved results
  • Greater effectiveness
  • Consistency in your play
  • Higher financial rewards
  • Greater motivation
  • Greater exposure within the game
  • More choices for the future
  • Less stress and fears
  • Ongoing support from an expert
  • Enhanced self-esteem
  • Enhanced capacity within difficult and stressful playing arenas.

Don’t be surprised if your competitors are left standing in your wake.

Does it work?

LeadersYes, it does.

Within 9 months of committing to the programme, one golf pro reduced his average shots on completion by an average of 2.5 and added 75% to his earnings from the previous year for the same number of competitions.

NO magic, NO tricks. Real results from an ordinary pro.

The ‘Development of Potential’ engagement ended, as it always does when you begin to deliver results on your own.

Real results from sports professionals since Jan 18

  • “The strength that I was able to carry into the final was the difference for me over the last 10 minutes as we came back to win the All Ireland. A boyhood dream come true.
  • “I need someone who could short-circuit the blockages that had hindered me up until now. And it wasn’t difficult in the end”
  • The programme was the difference towards winning my All Ireland Medal this year”
  • “The framework was exactly I needed to challenge my capabilities to levels I didn’t think were possible”
  • “My ball completion rate has risen from 56% average per game to 79% and I even got on the score sheet”.
  • “This is the most unique, practical and effective programme of its type. It was framed to suit my temperament and context and that’s why it worked”
  • “I found it easy to begin to make practical improvements. The positive feedback from my teammates merely endorsed what I knew to be true myself”
  • “It was far easier to play the game well at the standard needed for the 1st team when I developed myself first”.

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