Success in the Music Industry

Success in the Music Industry

Customer Testimonial:

“Does it work? Absolutely! I never thought I would be touring with one of the hottest acts to emerge in music. Now I am. The programme was a huge help in getting me out of the regime I was in and into this one. And now it’s happening. Cool.”

As a soloist or band, you feel you could be the next ‘big’ act. Or maybe you are coming to the end of your career. You passionately believe in your music. But you’re one of many who are trying to make it or re-invent yourself. You know there is a lot more that needs to happen to be that hit. You can’t control the music industry, but you can develop yourself.

As a label, you have an act that has ‘potential’ but needs practical development outside of the pure music ability to deliver against your investment.

Or maybe you’re already successful and are looking for practical ways of surviving and thriving at the top.

This ‘one of a kind’ approach was originally developed in response to requests from a professional musician who has since become the international success they wanted to be. If you need real answers, systems, support and challenge, insights and techniques that allow you to be the best musician/band you can be, then let’s rock and roll!

And remember, the programme works equally well for classical as well as contemporary musicians.

Two bar intro

This ‘one of a kind approach will strike a chord with any soloist or band who are seeking to develop their potential within their genre of music. The majority of those who have committed to this programme to date come from successful contemporary music careers or are emerging artists in that arena.

You are already doing well and have the potential to go to the next stage. ; now you want to ‘raise your game’ within a short time frame, with less hassle and with practical tools and techniques that will be 100% appropriate to being the best musician you can be. You might want some of the following.

  • becoming a master in your voice or instrument
  • effective communications with others on whom your success depends
  • eliminating performance anxiety (multiple references available)
  • fostering the self-discipline to make it to the top
  • handling attention (the good and the bad)
  • managing success (whilst keeping the balance)
  • allowing yourself to believe you’re as good as you are
  • dealing with fame, or lack of it.

And how about

  • channelling egos constructively
  • modifying unuseful behaviours
  • motivation (especially for those non-music activities that are part of the business)
  • resolving limiting beliefs
  • changing the limiting beliefs others have about you
  • making ‘break-outs’ from habits that get you in trouble
  • developing or reigniting creativity
  • personal marketing and branding
  • using money wisely (including negotiation of a deal)
  • enhancing decision-making skills
  • contributing to the creative process
  • staying grounded as your fame grows
  • handling pressure
  • getting into ‘your zone’ quicker
  • increasing resilience & assertiveness
  • developing and maintaining a ‘success’ mentality
  • eliminating and managing fears that hold you back
  • effective management of other people (fans, band, agents, managers, media)

Structure & Content

The programme is flexibly designed for any individual or band who are seeking to develop their potential and perform better in every gig or recording.

Are you trying to break beyond from your current stage of development, wondering why it’s not happening as you think it could, be more consistent in your performances, be taken more seriously, be better prepared to take on the big time, have a stronger mind-set or develop new levels of motivation for making it?

In all these cases, this programme is what you are looking for.

There are several options available ranging from…

A single session:

Sometimes this is the only catalyst needed to highlight the strengths you are currently underutilising, identify the blockages and discover the motivation necessary to commit yourself to a course of action. 

Accelerator Programme

Typically lasting from 1 to 3 months. Ideal for those who want to discover and implement the strategies that will develop their potential with practical support to get them noticed and booked.

Maintenance Programme

A year-long maintenance regime, building on the accelerator programme, where support and challenge to greater levels of achievement are delivered.

The Framework

The programme is flexibly designed to suit you or your band but the following gives you a sense of the process

The Intro:

Important in determining what you or the band need against a set of circumstances. You need to get a significant return on your investment of time and money.


Objective measurements of current performance will be important in determining the structure and pace of the programme so that it meets everyone’s expectations.

Determining desired outcomes:

What will success look like and by when does it need to be delivered?

Devise a strategy:

It is crucial to plug you into a set of practical tools and techniques that set you up for success.

Design a plan:

Day-to-day tasks, timelines and actions need to be documented so that progress is made, acknowledged, celebrated and built upon.


The industry jumps up to bite you but it is so important to begin to execute towards your outcome. Let’s start rocking.


It is unlikely that every item on your plan will work out as we predict. Modifications will need to be made on a timely basis to cater for those areas that are not working.


  • Better bookings and gigs
  • Extraordinary performances
  • The success achieved and maintained
  • Greater effectiveness
  • Consistency (esp. on tour or writing the next album)
  • Higher earning capacity
  • Better deals
  • More options and choices
  • A lot less hassle
  • Ongoing  support from an expert
  • Enhanced self-esteem
  • Enhanced capacity within difficult and stressful arenas

Does it work?

Are U2 a successful Irish rock band?

It absolutely does work. According to one artist who has sold over 100 million albums, the average Return on Investment from a programme like this was 75 times the cost.

Amaze has seen an ROI of 42 times the investment with a musician who managed to deliver a 2-year objective within 9 months.