Case Studies – Psychometrics in Business

Case Studies – Psychometrics in Business

Case Studies – Psychometrics in Business

Business challenge

This medium-sized company operates in the financial sector and provides a range of commodity products and services within a competitive market. Their differentiator is often only in the professionalism and caliber of the person delivering the service.

Recruitment costs are significant and mistakes in this area are costly. So any appointment is an important one for them. The recession has meant a greater pool of candidates but is they as good as their CVs suggest?

The MD was looking for some simple methodology and tools that would allow him to reliably validate the capabilities of the individual as they presented themselves at interview and in their CV. The prospect of having clear insights into the predispositions of the individual would allow the panel to ask more insightful questions at later interviews and ahead of any appointment.

The outcome

The company appointed an accredited coach from Amaze to conduct behavioural and emotional intelligence profiles on candidates that made it through to the final interview stage. The results were not used to determine success or failure; rather they were used to construct a questioning strategy for the final interview. Since all candidates received their own feedback, irrespective of getting the job or not, they all commented that the process was hugely developmental.

Customer feedback

“Insurance is our business. So any valid information, that could objectively provide us with information that became our ‘insurance policy’ when we were making important staff appointments was really welcome. Anne Marie was appointed as a result of the process and has turned out to be our most effective colleague recruited”