Owner Managers

Owner Managers


Customer Testimonial:

“I responded well to what seemed to be a more holistic coaching approach. The issues are still in the business and I still need to address them. I now feel more equipped to generate my own clarity around the key issues and I’ve just signed my biggest deal ever.”


This is an environment where there is little difference between the business and the individual. You are the business. You are a “jack of all trades” and doing everything that is necessary for all areas of the business. How are you feeling? Wish you were back working for someone else yet?

Why consider this?

Are you frustrated because you are working too hard, not seeing enough money flow to the bottom line and don’t know why?

Are there days when you wake up and wonder “who the hell took all the signposts”?

Your skills, time and resources are stretched to the limited. Personal life takes a back seat. Stress levels are rising. And there are NO business courses that you can attend that is delivered at times that suit you, that cover the issues that you are faced with this week and that is delivered in a manner that most suits your style of learning. Your performance is dropping, you seem to be making less money and you are feeling tired.

These are the real issues that owner-managers are facing and that is giving rise to the demand for experienced organisations like Amaze.


Structure & Content

Amaze work with owner-managers and entrepreneurs who want to ensure their company grows and succeeds. We do this through developing the potential in the areas of:

  • Establishing business, sales and marketing plans
  • Sales coaching
  • Clarifying future directions and options
  • Prioritising goals and strategies
  • Working with demanding employees
  • Motivating, developing and retaining top employees
  • Enhancing customer satisfaction
  • Networking
  • Recognising reality
  • Identifying new target markets
  • Time and self-management
  • Balancing work and life priorities.

Feel free to add your own specific issue to the list. Chances are we have seen them already and have successfully coached other owner-managers to successful outcomes.


Sessions are carried out face to face at a time that suits you. Early morning or late in the evening is popular so as not to impact productivity. And we are always available on the phone, in some scenarios we offer support 24 x 7 x 365. You have the option of committing to:




    • Increased likelihood of the venture being a success
    • You get to feel in control again
    • You generate real choices and options
    • Clarity on the real issues
    • Opportunity to grow quicker than expected
    • Reduced chance of personal sacrifices
    • Scale the learning curve faster
    • Less stress, more fun.


Does it work?

One owner-manager in March 2011 sold his business for 165 million euros after only three years in business with four colleagues but good ideas excellently executed.


There are literally NO Risks. According to Manchester Inc, the average Return on Investment suggested was 6 times the cost of the coaching. Amaze can boast generating an ROI of 1490 times the investment. Bet you are curious now.