Case Studies – Sports Professionals

Case Studies – Sports Professionals

Case Studies – Sports Professionals

Sports Professionals

David had been a pro golfer for ten years and was already successful on the Irish Tour. He had often considered competing for his tour card but had held himself back on each occasion. He felt he needed to become more consistent in his game (sometimes he played brilliantly: sometimes by his own words like an amateur), he wanted to develop a greater mental fortitude to withstand the pressures of the game.

He needed to develop ways that helped him mentally prepare for the games and to devise techniques to keep him centered throughout the days of competition. He found it difficult to commit fully to certain fitness regimes and looked to bring the fruits of his practice on the range more into the competitions. He also wanted to see progress in the average score he returned in every match without having to change his swing or his clubs.

The outcome

Within eighteen months of committing to the programme, David reached the standard that allowed him to win the 2010 UK PGA Championship in Oxford and the Irish PGA at Seapoint. He is the first golfer in history to win both titles in the same season.

All this was done without changing his clubs or his swing. He became more in control of the game, was making better decisions on strategies, was not beating himself up for mistakes made, and is looking forward to competing for his tour card this year.

Customer feedback

“Once Fran helped me to identify my core strengths and my golf temperament, we were able to devise a set of practical strategies that have worked. The feedback from those I play with now is that I am always about 12 shots mentally ahead of them. Committing to this programme is an  ‘absolute no-brainer’. The results speak for themselves”