Case Studies – Sales Leaders

Case Studies – Sales Leaders

Sales Leaders

Business challenge

Jonathan had been in charge of the sales team for about one year and targets were being met. The growth path set out in the strategic plan dictated an aggressive growth in sales for the following year and the wonder was if he could deliver. Whilst he willingly accepted new challenges and was constantly looking to support others, it was felt by the CEO that Jonathan said “Yes” too easily. His sharp mind and high IQ allowed him to take in information rapidly and form opinions on what was needed. Irrespective of intent, his behaviour in situations like this left others thinking that he was not listening to them and rarely were they being challenged to develop solutions themselves. He always seemed to have HIS answer. It was believed that he failed to deliver on projects that he started and because he had trouble delegating, he ended up doing a lot of the work himself.

The outcome

A programme was devised that allowed Jonathan to become aware of his own areas for development and to understand how they may hold him back from focusing his team on delivering on the larger targets. Once he accepted what needed to be done, he had little trouble in prioritising those areas that required attention to return the largest value. He began to generate strategies that he knew would work for him and execute on those strategies with the support of his performance coach.

Customer feedback

“Once I became aware of how these habits may be holding me back, it was easy to commit to the change process. I have to admit it was hard to make the changes but the regular coaching sessions kept me on track.”