Case Studies – Recruiting High Performers

Case Studies – Recruiting High Performers

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Recruiting High Performers

Business challenge

A national distributed  Irish organisation was experiencing an average performance across their sales team, with a number of star performers scattered throughout the different sectors. The MD was keen to understand the type of salesperson who would integrate quickest into their environment and who would influence their typical client base with their suite of services and products. Although they had recruited high performers from other companies, why was it that their capability was not translating into performance? All this was happening despite excellent support and challenge from experienced sales managers.

The outcome

The organisation began to understand the profiles of individuals who would be best positioned to excel within the shortest space of time. They understood what process would best attract these people, where they could advertise for such people, what questions could be used to confirm or contradict their own suppositions about the individual and how to structure a package that had the best potential to motivate new recruits. The first two candidates who were recruited with this new approach exceeded targets (175%) within their first month at the company.

Customer feedback

“I would love to think that this was a complicated fix. Far from it, all that Amaze introduced was “a common sense” where we did not have common practice. But it worked first time for us and continues to save us a fortune.”