Case Studies – Organisational Change

Case Studies – Organisational Change

Business challenge

The company had rapidly grown over three years from one to five retail outlets. They now required all the support functions and processes necessary to run an expanding operation. Though delighted that their “venture” was successful, the principals were frustrated with what appeared to be backward steps as the company slowed down in the midst of chaos. Standards were being introduced, systems were being upgraded, new habits needed to be formed and most importantly they needed “predictability” from an ever-increasing number of colleagues.

The outcome

This company was always going to reach their business targets. They realised however that in order to reach their challenging targets, they needed to introduce a programme to motivate staff to the new business systems. The effects of the Amaze™ interventions were obvious by the degree of teamwork that emerged across disciplines during a very anxious phase. Only one of the original nine employees sought to leave. New management positions were filled from within with Amaze™ skilling these individuals to deliver results in a more competent manner. Commitment to the values and vision of the founders strengthened during this time. Now the company feels they are now well positioned to add another five retail outlets with none of the pressures that were associated with the last phase of growth.

Customer feedback

“Upgrading the systems and processes were easy. But we were not equipped to handle the volume and complexity of the people issues that surfaced during this time. We were delighted to work with Amaze™; they were invaluable in practically supporting us to develop and handle the “people” issues.”