Case Studies – New Managers

Case Studies – New Managers

Case Studies – New Managers

Business challenge

This company operates in the telecoms arena and had promoted a high achiever from within the ranks to manage a number of disciplines. Familiarity with the business culture, the ability to start immediately, and no recruitment charges were all positives. The first 90 days were going to be crucial in terms of this individual making a measurable impact on the staff under their control and against objectives set by the business. The individual, however, had limited skills and lower confidence in managing both salespeople and technical experts. The director to whom he reported had limited time to spend on developing this individual. He understood, however, the value of focusing on areas for enhancement that this new manager probably had to guarantee the bottom line in the first quarter and affirm the decision to appoint him in the first place.

The outcome

The business developed an individualised approach with Amaze that identified the high-impact interventions for the new manager, transferred new management skills in month one, and supported the individual to execute them within their own environment. Over a short period, it became obvious that the new manager was well capable of taking full ownership and accountability themselves for the process and the engagement with Amaze was revised.

Customer feedback

“I knew I didn’t have the time or experience in developing a new manager but I realised that he needed help. I wanted some guarantees that my decision to recruit internally would work out. I had saved the recruitment fees on an external candidate and this amply paid for the Amaze coaching. But the real win was that we had an effective manager operating in the business three months sooner.”