Case Studies – Improving Sales

Case Studies – Improving Sales

Case Studies – Improving Sales

Business challenge

This company had tried a number of outside resources to help them resolve three specific sales issues in their sector of the marketplace. These circumstances were “supposedly” preventing the team from reaching their targets.There was nothing unique about these issues; they occur in other companies as well. One such issue was related to perceived reluctance on the part of clients to divulge other options that they were exploring in the context of a final solution. This supposedly reduced the capability of the salesperson to competently position the company’s offering.

The outcome

By working with the sales manager, some of the sales team, and three customers, Amaze™ was able to help the company “self-discover” the source of their customer’s reluctance to share such vital information. There was a lack of probing skills shown by the salespeople during the initial meetings and a limited appreciation by the client of the extent and value of the companies offering before they met the salesperson for the first time. In some cases, the salespeople might have been using this “accepted excuse” as a means of diverting responsibility for poor sales.

Customer feedback

“There was probably a lot more shortcomings that contributed to the problems than first we thought. We had to address a number of areas across marketing, organisational culture, and the habits of the sales team. In truth, none were too complicated. But the facilitation of an outside resource that helped us find our own solutions to our own problems was indispensable. We now have the in-house skills to sort out any future issues ourselves.”