Case Studies – Executive Coaching

Case Studies – Executive Coaching

Business challenge

The recent rapid growth within the company had seen a tripling of staff over the previous twelve months and an increase in the complexity of issues being addressed by this HR Manager. A number of personal challenges for the individual had also resulted in the CEO perceiving a drop in performance and a concern that she could not “cut the mustard”. There were initial allowances being made for all the difficulties but there was an increasing number of complaints about the function making their way to the executive team.

The outcome

The executive team made a decision to provide practical help for the manager to turn things around and committed to an Amaze coaching intervention for three months. During this period the individual responded well to some new disciplines around time-management and making tough decisions in a more timely fashion. Improved prioritisation skills, helped by the opportunity to generate clarity around what were the key issues, were key to reducing the reactive nature of the division and a resolution of the issues. Improvements were obvious as the number of complaints diminished over the period and following on from the structured work.

Customer feedback

“I know I am good at what I do. But the pace within our organisation meant I could have been swamped and there is no time to learn these new skills and do the “day job”. I am glad the CEO made coaching available to me. Life just got a lot better.”