Case Studies – Effective People Management

Case Studies – Effective People Management

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Business challenge

An expanding technical company, with engineers nationally servicing client sites, had recently appointed a number of new technical managers from within the ranks of the team. This was in recognition of their excellent performance as engineers as well as seeking to retain and reward them. Performance dipped significantly. during the first months and the stress levels of the new managers rose significantly.

These new managers found that their direct reports fell far short of required standards and felt that they did not have the right “tools” to do the new job.

The outcome

Each new manager was equipped with the relevant tools that allowed them to manage people in a dynamic environment. These provided a framework within which each interaction with colleagues was structured towards the desired outcome and where staff began to respond by way of improved performance on a daily basis.

Customer feedback

“In all my years’ training as an engineer, I never once completed a module that equipped me to manage people effectively. I am by no means the “finished article” as a manager, but I feel so much more in control of the situation. I would wholeheartedly recommend this programme.”