Case Studies – Effective Business Communications

Case Studies – Effective Business Communications

Business challenge

A company in the construction industry approached Amaze with an interesting predicament. The business had been good up until now. But the uncertainty in the construction industry highlighted that the sales team may have been predominantly “taking orders reactively” as opposed to their preferred approach for “proactive customer selling”. The more mature sales team were skeptical of programmes offered that claimed exceptional results. The management however needed to turn things around within a short space of time and needed interventions that led to sustainable long-term modifications in sales behaviour. The sales manager was looking for practical insights into each sales professional that would allow him to maximise the individual’s contribution.

The outcome

During the programme itself, each member of the sales team identified the difficulties that had stopped them from leveraging extra sales with their most challenging clients. They each constructed their own plan with individualised strategies that would allow them to make a breakthrough within one month. In one case, an existing client increased his monthly order by 600% because of an effective but very different approach by the area sales professional.

Customer feedback

“The programme paid for itself within 30 days from improved orders in one sales area alone. This was a “No-Brainer” decision for our business.”