Case Studies – CEOs

Case Studies – CEOs

Case Studies – CEOs

Business challenge

This newly appointed CEO was by far the best performer at the interview from seven candidates. The position was to take charge of a national organisation with offices in Cork, Limerick, Galway, and Belfast. The individual, however, had limited practical experience in the specific sector and the board was anxious that any “risk” associated with the appointment was minimised. They wanted also to provide the new CEO with as much support as possible in the early months to allow them to deliver on a challenging business plan.

The process

The chairman of the board asked Amaze™ to provide intensive coaching for this individual during the first ninety days in the job. During this period, the new CEO met once a week with their coach at 7.30 a.m. on a Monday morning for two hours, where they set in place their priorities for the week, reflected on what needed to be changed in order to deliver the plan and how to overcome specific practical issues that began to emerge.

Customer feedback

“I knew I was well able to do the job. But I know that every hour I spent focusing on what was important to my coach during those sessions saved me about ten hours of hassle during the following week. I needed that practical support because the one thing that is constant in our sector is change itself”.