Case Studies – Career Transitions

Case Studies – Career Transitions

The challenge

Ray had been working as a financial advisor for five years but was very uneasy. He knew he was capable of a lot more and was looking for a role that challenged him at a higher level; a role that was in line with his own strengths and untapped talents. He knew he was good at his job, but it was ‘hard work’; harder than it should have been. Friday could not come quick enough and Monday always seemed to start at lunchtime on Sunday. He wanted to be ‘great’ in his career and make a real difference.

The Process

During the Amaze sessions, Ray was able to fully discover his natural strengths and transferable skills He began to understand all the elements of his ideal role; what kind of environment and manger he needed to perform at his best. He discovered about 50 jobs in 5 sectors where he could naturally excel. And all within areas that Ray was passionate about anyway.

He began to focus on the plan he devised with Amaze™ and he made the successful move within fifteen weeks. He is now earning more than he had in previous jobs but doing what he loved to do. (Note: The owner of the company has suggested that in the current recession climate, and in the light of his outstanding contribution, he considers Ray to be the most important member of the team and would not entertain ‘letting him go”)

Ray’s feedback

“I only wish I had worked with Amaze™ sooner. I could have saved myself a lot of heartache and time. I love my current role; it doesn’t feel like hard work.