Career Transitions – Platinum Programme

Career Transitions – Platinum Programme

This is a complete transition solution that is conducted over a two-month period.

Amaze™ works with you until you have identified and evaluated the ideal option for you.

Amaze ™ forms an integral part of the process to ensure you make the move. The programme underpins medium to long-term career planning and movement.

Ideally suited for those who are:

  • seeking to identify the ideal career
  • looking to examine and incorporate all the elements that set exceptional performance apart within a career
  • being make redundant and view this as an opportunity to start afresh in a career more suited to them
  • looking to set up their own business and are looking for a framework that will guarantee a profitable practice
  • less restricted by the cost and know the value of making the’ right’ move
  • confident in their own ability to execute under their own initiative.


  • Accelerates the transition process. Saves you time.
  • Allows you realise your potential sooner whilst capitalising on your willingness to execute on the move yourself. Higher personal satisfaction.
  • You choose to conduct the execution phase of the process on your own. You retain control.
  • Moves you to a high performing environment. You command a greater salary.

Structure and content

  • Ensures a comprehensive and objective understanding of your personal strengths, in a business context, when compared to other successful individuals in business in the 21st century.
  • Recommends a comprehensive suite of sectors and roles where you can excel.
  • Facilitates an understanding of the ideal work environment for you
  • Incorporates the elements that are needed to determine exceptional performance in business
  • Factors in those elements that allow you to feel fulfilled.
  • Allows your lifestyle to be maintained in the short term.
  • Caters for review and reflection upon multiple options
  • Assist in the evaluation of options that emerge
  • Generation of a practical short to medium term plan
  • There is extensive pre-work, an intense full-day engagement with Amaze, follow-up telephone session a week after the career day. The final two-hour session occurs one month later and sets you on the journey to make the move yourself.


The greatest cost will be in terms of your own time, frustrations and commitment to making the move.

We are happy to talk through the cost options, balancing your own circumstances and the value of the service, when you call.

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