Career Transitions – Group Programme

Career Transitions – Group Programme

Career Transitions – Group Programme

The group-based program incorporates an intensive yet enjoyable career day with others who are looking to make a career transition, delivers lots of relevant information for you in advance of the day itself, generates options unique to you and delivers a personalised follow-up session with one of two main coaches to fully understand the ideal sectors and roles for you.

Research proves that there is a 95% probability that this approach will result in you making your successful career transition.

Ideally suited for those who are:

  • Seeking to identify improved options and real insights
  • Prefer to work in a group than in an intensive face to face session
  • Looking to keep costs down
  • Leaving Cert students who want to get their career right from the word go
  • Seeking the significant catalyst to their own career transition.


  • You get to execute more of the process yourself. It gives you control.
  • Exposes you to valid and objective information as to why your current environment may not be engaging you. You understand more.
  • You get to explore some of the key issues that are preventing you from progressing. You make more progress.
  • Gets you practically addressing your career issues. You do something practical.
  • Offers you directions in terms of future career options. You get to have a choice.

Structure and content

  • There is objective, and some subjective, pre-work to be completed in advance of the program
  • You attend a full-day workshop with others who are seeking to make similar transitions ( this fact alone has proved to empower all attendees)
  • You get to explore your current role and identify exactly why it limits your potential to perform to your best.
  • Recommends a comprehensive suite of sectors and roles where you will excel.
  • It helps you to understand what an improved career environment might look like from your perspective.
  • Highlights the top three elements that should be central to your ongoing search.
  • Links the real roles with those areas that you are naturally passionate about.
  • You have a 1.5-hour personal follow-up session with an experienced career coach (20 years experience in career coaching ) from Amaze.
  • Ongoing access to your coach to assist you through the journey.

Cost and Dates

The greatest cost will be in terms of your own time, frustrations and commitment to making the transition.

The next free date is in May  2021. It will be held in Dublin. The cost for the program, materials, and personalised follow up and ongoing support is 495 euros.

Thinking New Year’s resolutions? Why not ‘gift’ yourself or someone else, with a new career and a future of endless possibilities and accomplishment.

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