Career Transitions – Corporate Programme

Career Transitions – Corporate Programme

Career Transitions – Corporate Programme

This is a fully customised career transition programme, co-developed to assist progression within,  or exit from, a corporate environment. The business has decided to support, encourage and endorse the transition process for an individual. Now a range of interventions are required to practically help the candidate move to the next stage.

Ideally suited for those who are:

  • planning to move to a more senior level, within or external to, their current organisation (Director to CEO, Sales to Operations, etc.)
  • seeking practical help and support ( as a manager/leader may do) for a staff member who is exiting the business
  • looking for experienced interventions for their colleague as part of an ‘exit’ strategy or redundancy package.


  • positions the organisation as an “employer of choice”. Improved staff motivation.
  • guarantees a successful outcome of the process. Peace of mind.
  • accelerates the process. Saves valuable business time.
  • reduces operating costs. Saves money.
  • greater take-up on redundancy offer. Increases effectiveness

Structure and content

  • preliminary meetings with the business sponsors
  • development and sign-off on a tailored program that achieves the agreed objective
  • initial meetings with the candidate(s)
  • use of a range of objective profiling tools that help rapid awareness of skills and strengths required for the subsequent stages of the transition
  • career coaching sessions, in accordance with an agreed schedule, at a time and location of the candidate’s choice
  • practical career development interventions as required (interview preparation, CV development, skills audits, future role identifications, etc)
  • if needed, TriCoaching sessions, facilitated by Amaze, between the sponsors and the candidate to allow for structured updates on the progress
  • ongoing support for, and interventions with, the candidate until the agreed outcomes are achieved.


Costs are based on the nature, duration, complexity, and extent of the engagement required. Why not call Amaze™ to explore options?

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